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The history of the building of Restaurant Harmsen

In 1898 Wenzel Kebl and Isaac Lijndraajer started Flowershop Ivy at the Utrechtsestraat 51 in Amsterdam.

This building was brand new at that moment and was designed by the Dutch architect H.H. Baanders.

Amsterdam –Londen
Before that, Wenzel Kebl and Isaac Lijndraajer moved to London to learn more about the modern flower business. They worked for the top flowerist Moyses Stevens. This famous company was a supplier for the English aristocracy and the Royal family during the reign of King Edward.

In London they learned to make flower bouquets with a diversity of flowers and plants.

Lady Ivy

One of the clients of Kebl and Lijndraajer in London was the very rich Lady Ivy. She inspired both entrepreneurs to start their own flowershop in Amsterdam and gave them a starting capital.

Flowershop Ivy

And so it happend that they started there first flower shop at the Utrechtsetraat. Out of graditude for her generous gift, Kebl and Lijndraajer named the shop Lady Ivy.

In 1901 the shop moved to Leidseplein 35. It is still there

(Photo of Flowershop Ivy at Utrechtsestraat: 1900, collection J.C. Dippell)
Source: WinkelStories